Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Beloved Brother

His name is Yohan Kurniadi. Yohan is taken from John, one of Jesus’ disciples. My mom also gave him a Chinese name which means eternal grace. I call him “Di di” that means “younger brother” in Chinese. He is my only younger brother. He was born on November 16th in 1993, just four days after my 3rd birthday.
I love Yohan very much. Although he is younger than me, sometimes he looks older and acts wiser than me. He always protects me and is really a sister’s keeper for me. I feel safe beside him. He is like an older brother to me. He is very calm. If you are in pain, come to him. Sit down beside him and have a chat with him. He is a good listener. Whenever I  am in pain, I feel peace when I'm near him.
Yohan’s skin is brown because of the sun. He is taller than me, almost 170 cm. He wears glasses.
Yohan’s temperament is phlegmatic, but he is very cares. You can see his phlegmatic character through his appearance. He is very calm. He likes to play online games and play sports or just hang out with his high school friends. Although he loves his friends very much, he dislikes being separate with his family. He told me that he cried when I went to TC. L
Now, he is in grade 12. By the end of this year, he will early enroll to university. He wants to study information technology. I really support him to do the best in his study. I also told him that he needs to look for God’s calling in his life, so that he can be sure of his decision to go to college.
My hope is he will always be a blessing for every people around him. Wherever he goes, may he bring peace to everyone, everywhere.

Written by: Novi Kurniadi 4 ED1 / 30720090013

*Ditulis dalam rangka Writing Assignment 1 for Intermediate English Course

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