Monday, March 25, 2013

Obedience on Good Friday

My friends and I (TC Students) have mandatory chapels every Tuesday morning, Friday night, and Sunday morning. Last year, we (TC Students who become Church-members of HMCC) asked Ps. Andrew to write a letter of permission for us to miss the Friday Night Fellowship so that we could join the Good Friday Service at our church. This year, we tried to do the same, but the leader of dormitory and the rule were changed. As the result, we are not allowed to miss the Friday Night Fellowship so that we can join the Good Friday Service at church. All TC Students in our church are sad about it, including me. As we are committed to our home church, it is our desire to attend the Good Friday Service.
To be honest, I feel disappointed toward our authorities in dormitory. We do not want to escape from the Friday Night Fellowship. Instead, we want to get the permission in a right way. Therefore, we ask the procedure, we try to obey by following it. Still, we can’t get the permission. We know that we must obey. It is hard. Last Saturday night, Ester, one of our LIFE Group leaders, told us to be in the Friday Night Fellowship with a heart of worship. Instead of having a heart of worship, personally, I have a rebellious heart inside. Only by the work of the Holy Spirit, at the same time I also feel thankful that God uses this time to teach us how to obey on Good Friday. Unless Jesus obeyed His Father, we would not be saved.
I praise You, God, for shaping and molding us to be more Christ-like each day, especially during this Passion Week, as we prepare our hearts for Good Friday and Easter. Obedience does not come naturally. It needs to be trained. Thanks God, You know our struggles and through the Holy Spirit, You enable us to see this moment as a transformation work in our lives. When Jesus was at Gethsemane, He struggled to obey His Father’s will. As Christ-disciples, we should follow His example by humbly receive the training through the difficult times. Thank you for brothers and sisters in church that keep praying and supporting us to obey. May we learn to obey, as we grow in our love toward Jesus Christ, the One who died for us to show us how deep the Father’s love is!

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