Saturday, March 9, 2013

God's Calling To Write

Tadi siang untuk pertama kalinya aku makan siang dengan Kak Anggit, the author of, yang ternyata satu gereja denganku (gubraaaaaaaaaaaak...). Sebenernya tahun 2011 lalu kami pernah ngobrol sekali di gereja, tapi aku sama sekali tidak mengingatnya. Kak Anggit yang justru inget sama aku setelah kami "ketemu" di blognya. Hehe...

I'm so blessed to have lunch with her. Tadi kami saling share tentang passion kami nulis, gimana kami nulis blog, and how it can really blessed others. From our conversation, I think God really opened my mind that writing is also God's calling to minister others and spread the Gospel. I feel amazed. Writing is not just a hobby. Typing words using our gadgets and publish it in internet (blog, social media, etc) is not just "catch up with technology". God can really use our writings to work in people's heart, in people's life. He is so powerful and everything can be used GREATLY for His glory!

Kak Anggit also shared that God often spoke to the prophets in the Bible to WRITE God's words. God really cares with WRITING. He has concern in what I called "my hobby". The idea of writing comes from the LORD. Remember that God is the one who commanded the authors of the Bible to write! They even did not know that their writing would bless us in the 21st century!

I feel so honored to receive this calling to write. And I want to write as long as God calls me to do it! \(^-^)/ Being a student, single, and young are absolutely provide an opportunity to serve the LORD through writing.
Through this post, I also want to encourage you, yes YOU WHO READ THIS, to write!
Ask The Holy Spirit guidance to write so that you can be glorify God and use your thoughts and talents for His Kingdom's sake!

But, I'm not really good in writing.... I'm not a good writer...

I tell you this truth: God's power works perfectly in an imperfect writing. And who said that God's calling to write is all about you? Definitely not! It is about God when He calls you to write. Why don't just trust that The Holy Spirit can lead you to write anything that glorifying God? ;)

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