Monday, March 11, 2013

Pancakes for A Sister in Distress

As for me, it was hard to wake up around 7 AM on this morning. I slept late because I had to submit my SKRIPSI on the afternoon yet it had not finished. I did not feel well yet I did not sick. There’s should be an Asian History class in the morning. We already planned to watch Mahatma Gandhi but I felt so weak physically and my spirit just broken. I did not go. Instead, I kept lying on my bed with a head worrying about SKRIPSI and did not know what to do.
At 9 AM, Silvi came to my room with pancakes for me. It was surprised me because she supposed to watch Mahatma Gandhi. She said that her SKRIPSI-supervisor asked her to submit her SKRIPSI on Wednesday (3/13/13), therefore she asked permission to not watch because she needed more time to work on her SKRIPSI. She reported to our lecturer that I was sick and would watch the Mahatma Gandhi with her later (after Wednesday).
I felt blessed as she came to my room. It was not about the pancakes yet I loved it, but her gentle care toward me. After she went out from my room, suddenly I had my strength to wake up, had my devotion time with the LORD, ate the pancakes, had a shower, then worked on my SKRIPSI although I had no idea (aka stagnant). Can you see that this little thing called ‘care’ somehow energized me to rise up?
I thank to God for showing me His tender care through Silvi. If you read this, Silvi, thanks a lot for being God’s extended hands and feet! No one knew that I went to sleep with a great distress around 1.30 AM, but God knew since He was the only one who watched me the whole night. In the morning suddenly you messaged me and somehow brought me pancakes. Thanks a lot, sister! *hugs*

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