Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cooking Opportunities to Serve the LORD and His People

Last weekend, somehow my mind was full of cooking something for other people. I did not realize at that time that it was God's desire for me to serve meal by cooking for people.

On Monday morning, suddenly I remembered Cincin, a sister that had her an appendectomy (operasi usus buntu) two weeks ago. I came to her room and she was getting better. For more than a week, two other sisters were cooking for her. That day, I got the opportunity to cook chicken soup for her lunch. I also cooked the second chicken soup for other sisters few hours later for dinner as we celebrated Cincin's condition.

On Tuesday afternoon, after class I just remembered that Kenia would serve dinner meals for our LIFE Group as we planned to break fast together. I really felt that the Holy Spirit was whispering in my heart to offer help. Then, I found myself was helping her in the kitchen. I cooked the chicory (sawi putih).

I think the best word to express my feeling on those two days is JOY. Especially when I saw other people was eating the food I cooked! I think I really have to learn more about cooking!

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