Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prepare for my second practicum [part 1]

Hari Senin lalu pengumuman praktikum dipajang di TC Hall. Untuk praktikum kedua ini, aku mendapat kesempatan mengajar siswa-siswi kelas 2 SD di Sekolah Kristen Soli Deo, BSD, Tangerang. Praktikumnya dimulai tanggal 9 Januari 2012 sampai 3 minggu kemudian. Nah, tadi pagi Bu Connie bicara dengan kami seangkatan mengenai praktikum ini, khususnya apa yang harus menjadi tujuan kami. Sekali lagi beliau mengingatkan bahwa di TC kami tidak sedang belajar menjadi guru yang smart dengan good attitude, melainkan belajar mengikut Kristus dan menjawab panggilan-Nya dengan menjadi guru.

Bu Connie membagikan CHARGE TO GRADUATES, pidato yang dibawakan DR. James T. Riady saat Commisioning pada acara graduation TC, 3 Juni 2011 lalu. Aku mau share-kan isi CHARGE TO GRADUATES di sini dan berbagi berkat sama semua pembaca. :) [sekalian jaga-jaga kalo kertasnya ilang.. hehehe..]
Berikut ini PR untuk dipergumulkan selama liburan:

[taken from google]
UPH Teachers College Graduation

DR. James T. RIady
UPH, Karawaci, June 3, 2011

Good afternoon graduates, students, parents, friends, Rectorate, distinguished member of the faculty, Dean Connie, and fellow Yayasan executives.

I am deeply honored to have been asked to address you on this mort important occasion, the 2nd and largest graduation and commencement ceremony of UPH Teachers College. Nothing is more important to the whole vision of the Yayasan, and to me personally, than the work that TC does to prepare teachers for God's kingdom.

To the graduates, I congratulate you. Each of you has passed the most rigorous selection, and scholarship process that I know of, here or abroad. You have worked very hard, very diligently, and have put in long hours over the last four years. You have also demonstrated leadership within the campus in plays, sports, student council, chapels, spiritual activities, in various operational & administrative roles, and have set the tone for the rest of the student body. You have been an outstanding cohort, and an exceptional class. Congratulations. You will be missed.

To the faculty, we salute you for your total commitment and dedication to give the best to these graduates. You have prepared them extremely well for the road ahead. As TC graduates, you have given them a wonderful start on their journey, and they will remember you the rest of their lives.

This is a Teachers College blessed with strong leadership from the Rector, President, and with creativity and commitment from a talented faculty. TC has prospered from the presence of leaders like Dean Connie Rasilim. There is not a day that she dosen't give the best to her students. Thank you.

Graduates, parents, ladies and gentlemen, in 1989 Pak Johannes and I received a vision and a mission from God to embark upon a Pelita Harapan movement in response to God's call in this age for a revival in true Christian education. A Yayasan was formed, leaders gathered, vision and mission crystallized, teachers selected, tens of millions invested, schools formed, and finally UPH. The journey has always been on account of urgency and rigor. The resolve was always clear: to upfit and proclaim the pre-eminence of Christ in everything in the universe through Christian education, and in a redemptive way back to Him. The resolve was always a united and inflexible determination to go to war againts the status quo of decay and destruction in our societies and communities, of the people of Indonesia. To embark on a Pelita Harapan movement of this scale and complexity is, and has indeed been, a serious undertaking.

But make no mistake, we are still in the very preliminary phase of what I believe is one of the most critical and greatest battles in Indonesia's history. A battle againts secularism, relativism, liberalism, and the anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-family spirit of the renaissance, enlightenment, modernism, post-modernism, and the new-age movement. We are in action on so many fronts now - at higher education schools, in the capital city, in the cities, and in the outlying areas, all the way from Nias in the extreme West to Papua at our border in the East. We are up againts bureaucracy, norms, vested interests, and along the way, deserters, and the ups and downs of our economic conditions. Neither have we been immune from politics, and social pressures and upheavals like what we saw in 1998. There are lots of temptations and distractions, and often, we are weak and undeserving. But by God's grace, He sustains us, He preserves us. He pulls us when we are proud. And He pushes us when we are down and discouraged. He sends us partners and co-workers along the way, always timely, and always in sufficient measure. He blessed us with TC, the central portion of our vision, and Tabor, and Corban to walk with us side by side and to lend us a foot when we lost ours.

Graduates, faculty, ladies and gentlemen, the battle is continuing and will become increasingly intense. We still have much to do. We still have a long way to go to reach the goal of 1000 schools, to the time when children in the disadvated areas in Indonesia will have a reasonable chance of being redeemed, of coming to a personal relationship with our Lord, and of seeing their talents being developed. We are still a long way off to get out of the current crisis where only 2% of Indonesians have a chance of becoming part of Indonesia's elite as they fall off in grades 7-10, as the communities fail them, and as the bridges of access and opportunity are no longer there for them.

In these situations, I may be pardoned if I am less than cuddly to say that this is really a commencement for each of you just as it is for us. We have a very large cohort of 254 graduates, which is large by any standard. All of you are going into our own schools, or partner schools. This is important because content must have its own container. By God's grace, this year we are blessed with the responsibility of another 22 schools. Graduates, you must take it seriously. Nothing but a full commitment, dedication and hard work. Give your best, touch every life you see, grab their hands, grab their hearts, and catch their tears. What this cohort will do is to lay the cornerstone of our journey in Christ-centered education, and the foundation for the next 100, 200, 300, or 500 schools. You can not afford to fail as there is too much at stake. There is no room for deserters, for doubters, for troublemakers, or for the ignorant.

Please, you must go out there to fight and stage a revival. You must give what Churchill said when he said, "Give your blood, tears and sweat, nothing less". You must press on, and press on just like the Apostle Paul. You must never give up, never ever give up. Never.

Your starting point must be a deep sense of gratitude and understanding of the grace of God in your salvation, that God came, incarnated, crucified, died, and resurrected for you. Every time you are reminded of your salvation, be reminded of your calling. It is about calling. Not about teaching or being a teacher but about responding to God's calling in your life through teaching. Remember few are saved, even fewer are called to do God's will in history and actually empowered to impact other lives and society. Guard your theology - 'Hubungan Pribadi Dengan Tuhan' or a Personal Relationship with God - work it out daily. Have a zeal for evangelism and sense of urgency.

Let our vision and mission be realized, all for His glory. Go out there, never give up. Give your heart, nothing but your very best. Let's journey together in strength and when your work is done, say Luke 17:10 "So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, 'We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.'"


Tiga kata dariku setelah baca ini: berat, berat, berat.

Nah, yang aku kasih warna beda itu bagian yang aku kasih stabilo di kertas dan menurutku penting. Doakan praktikum keduaku ya!

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