Friday, June 22, 2012

It is by grace you have been saved

This past week I have been spending many hours with Jen to reach out people in Supermal Karawaci and around. If you want to read my first experience, you can click here. Yesterday we reached two girls at foodcourt. They are students at UPH. We never met them before but since they are also students like us, the conversation was getting easy.

They already know who Jesus is and even go to church but when we asked if tonight they would die, where will they go, they could not answer. They hoped to go to heaven but not sure about it but they said that their good deeds might saved them! Ouch, not every Christian understands that it is by grace we have been saved! Then, we started to discuss the Gospel with them. We told them what the Bible said about God, sins, grace (salvation), faith, and how important it is to have a church community and an accountability partner to grow in Christ.

At the end of our discussion, they could surely answer our question that they have been saved only because of God's grace. We still have to do a lot of good deeds because we love and obey God. We invited them to our Life Group and convinced them that they are welcomed. We also asked their mobile number and bb pin to follow them up.

Our target for reach out is pre-Christians but we still have to see many "Christians" among us. They said they are Christians. They even do some ministries. They have good knowledge in Theology. Do they really understand in their hearts that it is by grace that they have been saved? Their prayer and ministry are useless if they don't really understand and put their faith in Christ. Many called themselves Christians but they put their faith on something else called "prayer", "ministry", "worship", "community service". Our good deeds cannot save us! Only Jesus Christ is able to save!

If you still afraid to reach out unbelievers or even strangers, I suggest you to start your obedience in responding to God's Great Commission by sharing with those who called them "Christians" but not really live for Christ. How do we know that a "Christian" is not live for Christ? We can see from their fruits of life. Do they produce love, joy, peace, patience, compassion and mercy, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control?

Do not waste your life! Use your holiday time to reach out people and make disciples. If you need to learn more, I suggest you to sign up for an Evangelism Explosion class or Bible Camp during this holiday. Happy holiday and keep your holiday holy!

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