Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lent Season 2013

There is an important event between Chinese New Year and Valentine: starting the lent season on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. For me it will be the second time to join the lent season. Based on last year's experience, I really desire this lent season. I hope I can be more focus on the LORD as I prepare my heart for Good Friday and Easter. This year gonna be different since I lost my focus on the LORD for almost a half of year since I was in Batam. I already confessed my sins and in repentance right now, trying to looking more of Him. Thanks to God, I can understand more about His grace, mercy, and love. I have deeper understanding about what is mean to be saved by grace. I know exactly that I am unworthy for His love because now I am a greater sinner than before. But no sin is too big for His forgiveness. I hope you can also enjoy this lent season, be blessed, be rebuked, be humble before the King of kings, knowing His will and obey! God bless you!

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