Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blessed is the man who fears the LORD!

I read Psalm 108-115 this morning and found three times the phrase "fear of the LORD" connected with the word "blessed". Yesterday I watched a sermon video about God in ancient China. Rev. Kong Hee explained the word "blessed" (福/fu) in Chinese character. To write this word in Chinese character, we should put "shen zi pang" first, it is God.   
(神) => ["shen zi pang" is the "lines" without that square, see the left side]
Then we write together at one (一/yi) with one mouth (口). So God together with a soul, one mouth, and the word garden below the mouth. So that is prosperity (福). Prosperity to Chinese is not just material wealth and money. But it's for God and man to have a one relationship.
It is awesome!
If you celebrate Chinese New Year with your family and relatives this weekend, I hope you can share this to them. Tell them that God reveals Himself in Chinese writing.

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