Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Day of Lent in 2013

We start the lenten season 2013 today. During these forty-days before Easter, we focus on His sufferings, death, and resurrection. We reflect on the cross. Therefore a commitment to do fast and feast on Jesus is really important.

I commit to wake up earlier (at 5 AM) to have time alone with God. It is quite hard for me since I have been experiencing insomnia for this past week. It is hard for me to sleep earlier at night. It must be 1 or 2 AM before I asleep. Then I would be like in coma in the morning. Yesterday, I did not hear anything when my roommates tried to wake me up. Fortunately, Bora touched me so that I woke up. Thanks to God, this morning He woke me up at 5 AM!

I read the last 5 chapters in the book of Psalm this morning and found a lot of  "Praise the LORD!". As for today, "Praise the LORD!" will be my "one thing". Why do we have to praise the LORD? There are so many reasons as answers but the only reason that unquestionable is because the LORD is God. Therefore He is the only one who is worthy of praise!

When do we praise Him? All day long.
Praise Him in the morning.
Praise Him in our prayers.
Praise Him in our activities.
Praise Him in every situation.
Praise Him at the night.

What is the purpose of praising the LORD?
To refocus our hearts and minds toward Jesus.

One thing that Ps. Andrew emphasized about lent is FOCUS. We do pray and fast to be more focus on Jesus Christ as we continue to know Him deeper. As for me today, I set my focus on Him by praising Him all day long as I reflect on His sufferings, death, and resurrection.

How about you? Let's start together this lenten season by praising Him!

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