Monday, October 24, 2011

Looking for my calling

Aku punya English writing assignment untuk dikumpulkan hari Rabu ini. Tugasnya itu tell about what you're looking forward to for your practicum next semester. Reflect on what you learned from last year too. Aku bersyukur dapet tugas ini, membuatku berpikir lebih dalam tentang panggilanku.
Sebenernya sudah mantep sih aku mau jadi guru Kristen, tapi guru seperti apa dan bagaimana, itu masih belum tahu dan harus terus dipergumulkan.
Jadi aku coba buat kira2 kayak gini..... Cukup singkat, karena cuma diminta 1 halaman trus double space juga.

Looking for my calling

I will have my second practicum in January for three weeks. Sometimes, when I think about it, I feel a little bit afraid but not really worried because I have already experienced it. The time between my first and second practicum has been more than one year, so I’m afraid I forgot everything that I learned before and be nervous again. On the other hand, I know that the practicum is not scary as I thought before.
My first practicum was at Sekolah Lentera Harapan Tabita, Koja, Jakarta Utara. It is a small school and students come from low economic background. I was very egocentric and thought about becoming a teacher in a big school with good facilities and high technologies. But I saw them day by day, I realized that God was very concern with this kind of school, with so many students from low economic background. So since that time, I think God gave me a passion to serve in this kind of school.
I taught K-3 students for my first practicum. It was really nice and my students were really cute. I liked to teach them, but not really loved to teach Kindergarten students. It was tiring for me, both physically and mentally. Physically, I have to be more active, like jumping and dancing for many times. Mentally, I didn’t really know how to communicate with them using simple sentences. Although it was tiring, I give thanks to God for the school that He had chosen for my first experience in teaching.
There are many people called to be teachers, but I believe that every person has his own calling. That’s why on my second practicum, I’m looking forward to know what my specific calling as a Christian teacher is. Does God really want me to be a Christian teacher for students with low economic background? Which grade is God calling me to teach and serve in the future?

Written by Novi Kurniadi (4 ED1 / 30720090013)

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