Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Observing Lent: 40 days of spiritual journey

Early this year, I got information that the lent season starts today, March 5, 2014. But as the time went by, I totally forgot it. Thanks God, my roommate said about Ash Wednesday. That's enough to remind me.

This afternoon, I spent an hour to pray and read the Bible. I think it was not an accident when I read according to my reading plan and found in 1 Kings 19 that Elijah was afraid of being killed by Jezebel. In the previous chapter, Elijah had no fear to stand alone as God's prophet. Even he slaughtered all the Baal prophets with sword. How mighty! But when he heard that Jezebel would like to kill him, he ran for his life. He said to God, "Take my life."

Somehow, I felt like Elijah, of course in different situation. Whenever I read on my previous blog-posts about God's providence in my life, I can see how I took courage to stand on God's promises although it was hard. Even I could have faith that God would provide although it had not proved yet. But when I heard that my brother lost his job as a private tutor.............. I wanted to run away from this fact and the hardships that awaited us.

Thanks God, now I do not need to worry about finance since God provides. Once again, I see how faithful He is.

Back to 1 Kings 19. I found that an angel touched Elijah and asked him to eat and drink. It happened twice. The angel said that Elijah would have a "too much journey". The Scripture records that after Elijah strengthened by food, he walked for 40 days and 40 nights to reach Horeb, the mountain of God.

I stopped for a while here as I realized that God wants me to take this spiritual journey: join the lent season this year. He wants me to take these 40 days to reach Him privately. He wants me to put my focus on Jesus Christ, His sufferings, and the salvation He has given us.

For me personally, after some weeks struggling and thinking deeper about my salvation, this lent season is a good time to dig deeper into God's Words and see clearly on what God has done on the cross. What salvation is, and how should I live as the one who have been saved by grace.

How about you? What do you do to prepare your hearts and minds to celebrate Easter?

I suggest you to read

Hope you'll have a blessed Easter this year!

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