Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Suddenly Fatherless [Part 9]: The Faithful Father

Time flies. My brother and I have been fatherless for 10 months. Today is easier to live as fatherless than few months ago, but the "side effect" of being fatherless is getting harder. We no longer have Papa as our protector and provider. We have to learn to protect ourselves and provide our needs. It's not easy at all.

But God has promised to be the Father for the fatherless. And He is faithful!

A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling. -Psalm 68:5-

It was like a big hit on my face when I heard that my brother lost his part-time job. So, start from next month, we would lost some of our income. All I thought was how to make more money. How to help my brother to get a job. How to manage this limited money we have. How can my brother continues his education? How? How? How?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt weak. Nothing I could do. No one could help. And we would not like to be a burden for our family and relatives. So, how?

In my last post, I wrote that God strengthen me to trust that He is a big God and nothing he cannot do for my family. Before He convicted me through the song, I heard my pastor preached about God's promises. For me personally, I felt encouraged knowing that God never forgets His promises. But when I could not see His hands that working behind all these hardships, it was hard to trust in Him.

Amazingly, without any signs, one of my best friends suddenly urged me to know someone who might help us. She said that this man really wants to help. Honestly, I didn't think someone, especially a stranger, could help us. But God ways are not our ways.

Let's cut the story short as some details are quiet private to protect both my family and the one who God sends to help us. After some discussions and prayers with my family, my brother met this man yesterday. Guess what! This man had been praying for my brother even before they met! How could it be? And he would like to help with scholarship and a job for my brother! When I heard all the details of their conversation, I was speechless. No one but God could do this.

His time is perfect. My brother does not need to be "unemployed". Nothing we should worry about tomorrow. God gives us enough for our daily life and my brother's education. Now we just need to be content with His blessings as we express our gratitude.

Once again, God has proved that He is faithful. He is our God, our Father. And never once did He leave us on our own. Instead, He takes a responsibility to take care for our life. He fulfills His promises. No doubt that we can always stand on His promises in every circumstance!

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