Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dear Lord, Near Lord

My K3 students have been leading prayers independently this semester. We usually start our prayers by saying, "Dear Lord....". But one of my students is different. Every time he leads the class in prayer, I always hear him says, "Near Lord....". I don't know which one is mistaken: the teacher or the student. But I felt the time was stopped for a while when my ears caught those phrase. "Near Lord...."

My student's misspelling or my mishearing (I don't know) has strongly reminds me that to pray is to get closer to the Lord. It was and is like a dew in the midst of a desert. These past two months, I don't really feel close to the Lord. Somehow, he seems too far. Especially when a lot of jobs are waiting and my life struggles are getting bigger.

Now I feel amazed, knowing that the Lord spoke to me directly and clearly through my student's misspelling (or maybe it just my mishearing?). The Lord is never far away from me. He is near. And He is just as far as a prayer. Whenever I pray, I can be close to him. He is near. He is not far away from me.

The Lord does not promise that everything will always be fine, but He is near. And it is enough for me.

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