Friday, March 14, 2014

Knowing God

Often, I think I know God. Do I really know Him?

I could say that I know my roommate. We talk everyday. She shares her feelings and thoughts; I listen to her. She tells me what she likes and dislikes; I listen to her. Often I asks her questions. "Have you eat?" "How is your day?" "Are you tired?" "Do you know about this and that.....?" "What do you think of....."

I could say that I know her quite well. I know that she likes to wake up early in the morning. She likes to be the first person to take a shower because she does not one to queue and then be late. She likes to cook her own food. But she dislikes when a lot of people comes to cook in the kitchen. She prefers to get out from the kitchen and cook later.

And what can I say about God?

Can I say what God likes or dislikes?

Of course I can. I have been reading and studying the Bible since I was 11. Even I had 7 theology classes during my college years. Plus a Christian Philosophy class, an apologetic class, and a lot of Theological seminar. I know about Him a lot. I can use some verses as reference to make a list of what God likes or dislikes.

When a fan of a celebrity reads a lot about his/her idol, he/she knows about the celebrity a lot. A fan can mention and make a list of what his/her idol likes or dislikes.

So, am I a fan of God? Or... do I really know Him and even having a relationship with Him?

When I know every single thing about my roommate, it is not because I am a fan of her. Not at all. I know her because of our quality time everyday.Of course sometimes I spend my time to talk with her by giving undivided attention.  It does not mean that I always determine a specific time to be spent with her. But I do a lot of my activities together with her. It increases the quality in our friendship.

If I say that I know God, it means that I have a quality time with Him everyday. It means I give my undivided attention to Him for at least once in a day. Yes, I have a quite time alone with Him every morning after I wake up. But, knowing God is not only about giving a specific time to pray and read the Bible. Do I spend my days with Him? Do I do my activities together with Him? Do I walk with Him wherever I go? Do I talk with Him in prayers? Do I? Do I know Him?

Can I say exactly what God feels toward the way I dress up? Does He like my fashion style? Can I say exactly what is God's opinion about the way I teach? Does He agree with me?

If I really know Him, I can tell exactly what God likes and dislikes in an intimate way.

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