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by Diannita Dwi Pujiastuti Gazalie on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 6:35am

  At about 6 years ago, I watched Korean Drama series on TV and found a new words and became so intense to say it – JIAYOU! I still remembered that the woman frequently said to the man whom she loved, when he was tired or burdened for many duties, she said “JIAYOU!” with full of cheer and smile.


Jiayou (Chinese: 加油; pinyin: jiāyóu) is a Chinese figure of speech or idiom, meaning "be stronger!"
jiā means "to add", and yóu means oil or fuel. Therefore jiayou literally means "add oil" or "add fuel", as in refuelling a motor vehicle; by anology jiayou is used to encourage someone to put more effort into a certain task.

Every day, I meet a lot of friends, lecturers, staffs, wardens, office boys & girls, cashiers, and students. I can see many kinds of expression there. Sadness or Happiness, Tired or Refreshed, Anger or Peace, Impatience or Patience, Downhearted or Lighthearted. But, then we can simply analyze that they who are sad, tired, angry, impatience, or downhearted, actually need COURAGE, POWER, and ‘FUEL’.

What we can do?
For you who have motorcycle or car surely know this. You need to Refuel or put more oil in our vehicles. By doing this, a vehicle –even the old one- can ‘keep going’ or ‘keep up with it’. So do us. I cannot take over their tasks or be a clown and make them laugh or go into their heart and throw out all of their burdens. NO! I cannot do that. That is out of my control. Simple thing I can do is JIAYOU + CHEER + SMILE = POWER. Add more ‘FUEL’ in them.  
We need to be refueled, right?
“Your body may be weak, but your SPIRIT must be ‘blazing’ (berkobar). Keep your SPIRIT"

Who can refuel us?
The word JIAYOU in Indonesian is translated as “SEMANGAT”. In English, it is translated as SPIRIT.
 (“JIAYOU”, “SEMANGAT”, and “SPIRIT” may have not exactly the same meanings but they are same in giving passion about POWER. )

Our SPIRIT is refueled only by HIS HOLY SPIRIT in us. It is more than anything. It is the STRONGEST POWER we can have.

How can the HOLY SPIRIT refuel us?
By devoting ourselves in relationship with Him day by day through our readings to His “Love Letters” called Bible and prayers –consistently, faithfully, and joyfully. Enjoy it!
By involving ourselves in community. We are not alone, right? Though, life seems so hard and you find sometimes you face ‘loneliness’ in struggling for your dream let us not be lost in it.

Those two things are very common in our ears, right? Moreover, since we are in this place. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP and COMMUNITY is very important.

Are they BIG things to do? Just start with simple thing.
You want to ‘REFUELsomeone’?
Just start with SPIRIT + CHEER + SMILE = POWER and do it WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!
It seems you show warm and positive encouragement and tell the person not to give up or feel downhearted –just like what we do to support our friends in sport competition.

Or to be ‘REFUELED’?
Try to give more attention to the people who make this campus so green – gardeners.
For many times, in the beginning of the day, I feel ‘refueled’ by seeing their smiles.
If it does not work… this is what I am trying to do these following weeks –from my beloved mother here,
Put an ‘imaginative’ mirror in front of my face and imagine how wrinkled is face and surely I don’t like it then it may be the same thing the people think. So I just try to relax my mind, stretch my eyebrow, and make an ‘arch’ on my face : SMILE
It helps me a lot. :-)

“Face your life with SMILE,
ENJOY each one of learning process in your life, and
DO the work and responsibilities with your WHOLE HEART.” 

One who are trying to keep SMILING :-)
Diannita DPG
November 3rd, 2011

"Thanks for you who teach me to KEEP SMILING…. JIAYOU!"

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