Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Worship the King of kings

People often think and even illustrate that The Magi worshiped the Lord Jesus when He was lying in a manger at the night of His birth, so they met the shepherds. That's totally wrong. The Bible said that The Magi came AFTER Jesus was born in Bethlehem. It might be few weeks or months later, if we consider Herod command to kill the babies under two years old. The Magi came from the east, maybe from Persia. They came with a deep knowledge of who Jesus is. They knew that Jesus is the Messiah. From their question to Herod, we know that they knew exactly that Jesus is the king of the Jews. The Israelites did not accept that Jesus is the king of the Jews, but these strangers were looking to worship Him! They were the second people who worshiped the Baby Jesus. The Bible does not record how The Magi knew by 'only' discovering the star, but even though they were so wise, I think they were chosen by God to worship the Baby Jesus. However, God must revealed about Jesus to them. We just do not know how God did it and how could The Magi believed, even seriously came to worship.

Yesterday, Ps. Agnes Maria said in her sermon that The Magi only had the opportunity to discover the star at the night. It means they had to stay awake during the night. It was not only about one night, but (I don't know how many) nightS!! Surely they had to walk in the night, which was very dark and dangerous. We all knew that they brought gold, myrrh, frankincense; which are precious and could be raped anytime. They were taken a great risk as they followed the star to find Jesus. Besides that, they had to walk so faaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr away from home. They really did their best effort to meet Jesus. I think they were chosen by God to show us the attitudes of worship.

It is far easier for us to worship Jesus. We do not need to go far from home. If we want to pray, we can just speak to Him in our hearts. We can freely sing praises and worships wherever we are, whenever is it. With all these easiness, often we are lazy to just bow down our head and pray. We do not want to make any simple effort to worship Jesus. Some people refuse to go to church with an argument that we can worship Jesus in spirit and truth, just as He said. We do not bring the best offerings to Jesus. Instead, we give Him the least priority in our budget.

God did not choose The Magi because of their wisdom and wealth. It was also because of their humbleness, willingness, and great desire to come and worship the King of kings. Do we have that kind of attitudes when we come to worship Jesus? This Christmas, when God looks down to earth and see our hearts, does He find The Magi's attitude in worshiping Him? Let's come and worship Him with all our hearts.

Merry Christmas!

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