Saturday, February 13, 2016

Called to obey

This past week I read the first chapters of Exodus. As we know, Moses was called to lead the Israelites go out from Egypt. It was hard to do. Even Moses asked The Lord to send someone else. However, if The Lord calls, nobody can escape. Moses could not run, we too. When God calls us to do something that He is concern to, we know exactly that it requires us to do a hard work. Often, we only have one choice: to obey Him.

Moses experienced a hard time, even since the beginning. First, just as he said, he had never been eloquent, slow of speech and tongue. Second, he was afraid to meet Pharaoh. Although this Pharaoh was not the one who wanted to kill him, still he was a Pharaoh. Maybe he was Moses' cousin, since we knew that Moses was a Prince of Egypt before. It was not easy to meet someone who was someone he knew well and now became his enemy.

When Moses finally met him, Pharaoh did not accept his request. Even then, he made Israelites worked harder by not supplying straw. They were scattered all over Egypt to gather stubble to use for straw for bricks. When they could not meet their quota of bricks, the Israelites foremen were beaten. Accepting this cruel treatment, they went appealed to Pharaoh, who gave them trouble by his answer. After that, they were mad to Moses and Aaron.

Moses was trying to rescue the people, but instead of seeing The Lord's deliverance, he had trouble.

Often in life, we experience what Moses had. We try to obey our Lord by bringing the message of God's deliverance through Jesus Christ. Instead of having people receive The Word, they bring trouble upon us. I had experience this 2 months ago when a parent came to me, burned with anger. He said that I poisoned his daughter with the story of Jesus' birth. It was a shock for me. I was afraid that he might report me to the police because of this. Well, I had worried too much but he was scary, just like Pharaoh. Hehehe..

Just as Moses did, I returned to the Lord. Is this why you sent me? To be a criminal in education because I told my students about Jesus Christ?

Moses did not receive answer that he wanted, but he received God's promise of deliverance. The Lord said that His mighty hand will deliver His people. It would not be easy because The Lord Himself harden Pharaoh's heart. Even the Israelites did not listen to him because of their discouragement and cruel bondage.

I think it is clear that The Lord wants to deliver His chosen people so that they could know Him. So however it would be, we need to keep holding on God's promises as we continue to obey. Moses did not know whether he will success or not. The Israelites would not listen to him, why would Pharaoh listen to him? However, he obeyed.

I don't know how and when will my students accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They are kindergarten students, maybe too little in our eyes. But no one is too little for Him to be saved. I was four years old when I received Jesus Christ. By His grace alone, I still have this faith today. Few days ago, I heard my principal said that teachers like us are the sowers. We might not see the harvest, but we still need to do the best as we sow.

My experience was nothing compare to other Christ's servants. I have not yet given my life in spreading the Gospel. However, The Lord Jesus wants me and you to obey. He has promises to bring deliverance, and we need to trust Him.

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