Monday, January 28, 2013

Be Humble To Be Served

Last Thursday, our LIFE GROUP had a hangout. We went to WTC Mall Serpong to play bowling together. Actually it was cheap. If you bring your student ID, you have to pay for IDR 10000 per game for weekdays. On weekends or public holidays, you have to pay IDR 12000 per game. You also have to rent the shoes. It costs only IDR 4000. If you total the money you need for this hangout, you just need to bring about IDR 50000 for the bowling, meal, and transportation. BUT cheap has no meaning if you have problem with FINANCE.

That was my problem. This month I committed to pay the insurance that I did not pay last year (it was about for four months) and also I must bought new charger for my laptop. You can read the story here. So I do not have much money for hangout with my friends. I could use my money but it will cause trouble later. Even though it was CHEAP. I really want to join the hangout since this is a good time for me to know deeper the other members of LIFE Group because I was "missing" last semester (remember, I was in Batam for four months-internship). So I told Ester that I want to join but have problem with finance.

Ester : "That's okay, just use my money first."
Me   : "Thank you. I'll pay you later when my parents send me money."

Then, we played for two games.
We were walking out the area when Ester suddenly whispered to my ear.

Ester : "You do not need to pay. I do not want you to return the money."
Me   : "No. I'll pay it."
Ester : "I won't receive it. I am your sister."
Me   : "But I don't want to depend on someone (for finance)."
Ester : "Yes, but I am your sister. You do not need to pay your sister, right?"
Me   : "But...."
Ester :"If you do not let me to pay, it means that you do not let met me to serve you."

That time I realized that sometimes I must be humble to be served.

Yesterday, Ps. Andrew delivered a sermon from John 13. It is a story of how Jesus washed His disciples' feet. He gave us some big lessons from that story. One of them is how we must be humble to be served. We must be humble to be served by Jesus Christ.

Sinner: "But, Lord.... I am a great sinner. I am unworthy of your love."
Jesus: "I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

How can a sinner receives God's love and forgiveness unless he humbled himself before God?

I thank God that I can learn that humility is needed to build deeper relationship with God. Christians without humility will be so proud and think that they do not need the Gospel anymore since they are members of the church and even involve in ministry. They are hard to be taught and educated under the Scripture. They cannot submit themselves to the Lord.

Humility is also needed to build relationship with people who have authorities over my life. If I have no humility to be served by my parents, by the end of this year I will be so proud because I think I can pay my own needs with my salary as a teacher (few months to go!).

Humility is not a natural character. Each one of us need to learn how to be humble to be served by Jesus Christ, our Pastor/church leaders, parents when you are single and spouse when you are married, brothers-sisters in Christ, and other people.


Mega said...

Waaa....aku juga pernah gitu Mel, pengen hang out bareng teman, bener2 bergumul dah, antara ikut apa gak, trus tau2 temenku juga bilang hal yang sama,"Aku yang bayarin." , padahal aku gak ngomong lo keadaan finansialku. Aku dah bingung aja, dan akhirnya nolak. Eh, dia bilang,"Aku mau nraktir maen kok. Baru dapat berkat." Huaaa.....Thank's GOD, dianugerahi kawan yang mengerti apa yang gak terkatakan T_T

Novi Kurniadi said...

Hehe.. Iya memang cara Tuhan provide our needs itu bener-bener luar biasa! :)

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