Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keep Praying for the SMP Team

So sad, I cannot join the Student Mission Project (SMP) because of my internship to Batam on this July. Therefore, I am out from the team. It does not mean that God was playing with me when He called me to take a step of obedience by joined this mission project. Once He called me to be on this mission, I believe He meant it. I believe that He wanted me to be on the Student Missions Project but not as I thought before. I thought I would go to Lampung or Papua, but God had something else in His mind.

Two days ago, Mayang just knew that I am not in the team anymore. She sent me sms and said sorry, then asked me to be her prayer partner for this SMP. Joyfully, I agree to be her prayer partner and am committed to pray for her and the whole team faithfully. This morning, I read in the Ephesians 6 that Paul asked Ephesians to always keep on praying for all the Lord's people. As I read verse 18, I remember the SMP team. Then, Paul asked Ephesians to pray for him so that whenever he speaks, words may be given to him, so that he will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel. I cannot pray for Paul, but I remember Pastor Andrew and I can pray for him.

Prayer has a strong power that we could ever imagine. In James 5:16, it is written that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. Therefore, I committed myself to pray faithfully for the SMP team and Mayang. It is amazing to know that in God's sight, I still can be counted as a member of the SMP team as the one who keep focus on praying. As God commands me to keep on praying, I know for sure that my prayer will bless the SMP team and the people in Lampung and Papua, who are going to be reached out.

Below is the picture of the whole team before I knew that I cannot not join the SMP:

Back: Andy, Eric, Arvin, Stefan, Jon, Kevin, Alex, John, Eri (he also can't join because of the internship)
Middle: Iris, Sasha, Sarah, Mouren, Jessie, Tina (she was my English lecturer!), Julia, Irene, Jennifer
Front: Eirene, Helena, Ristiana, Pastor Andrew, Novi (it's me!), Ika, Tia
*Mayang is not captured
The training has been started this week. Let's pray that they will be prepared. God is shaping and molding their hearts now.
I hope you also join me in prayer. Support them in prayer. And, if you want to support them in resources (financial supports), you can also do that. Send me an email and I will tell you our church account.

This text below is added the day after I posted the text above.
P.S: There is one sister added to the SMP Team. Her name is Dewi (not captured) and she just asked me to be her prayer partner. So, I have been a prayer partner for Mayang and Dewi. I am thankful that I still can join them in spirit and prayer.

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God Bless them in their service.

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