Friday, June 24, 2016

Three Years Later

If my life is a movie or drama, perhaps it should be written "three years later" after the scene of my dad's funeral. However, what happened during these past three years are too meaningful to be skipped. We have been struggling, praying, working, crying, hoping... and The Lord never leaves us on our own. He was, is and will always be with us.

About a week ago, our family thanked The Lord that finally my brother has done his thesis. He was able to be accountable for his final project, even now is working on the revision and prepare for an exhibition. He said that not everyone is asked to do the exhibition. It's only for those who have done very well. Somehow he is sure that he might got an A. Well, praise The Lord! :) If things go as planned and The Lord makes everything go smoothly, my brother will have his graduation ceremony this August and soon will get his first job as an IT engineer.

As for me, I also never imagined that The Lord wants to entrust me more responsibility this year. It's really an honour for me to take a step forward. Starting from July, I will be the Team Leader in my department. Also, after three years teaching in K3, now I will teach younger children in K2. What a challenge! However, I feel excited to see what will happen next.

This year my mom will turn to be 60 years old. I'm thankful that she remains healthy. Although she has a lot in her mind, now she leans more on The Lord and fully surrender to Him. I can say that she lives a content-life. Now she is busy thinking of marry me off and how well my brother will have his first job.

Looking back to the days we have been through, we know for sure that those days were not easy at all. We were not strong, but our Defender was and is strong. Everything we have and reach today is only by His grace. If people see our life turns to be better today, all credits belong to Him, whom we praise in the name of Jesus Christ.

Life is still going on. I want to see and testify The Lord's faithfulness until the end. May He be praised!

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