Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lessons from my students

I just wrote my students' development for this past month and learned some good things from them. I think it is just true when Jesus told us to become like little children. Little children always trusting their teachers and parents. Never once they doubt their teachers and parents. Little children always loving others. Sometimes they don't like someone, but usually they love everyone. They don't hate someone for more than a day or even an hour. Little children always forgiving others. Easily they forget others' mistake.

Here are some life-lessons that God teaches me through my students in K3 [note: they are just 4 and 5 years old!]:

  1. Be a trustworthy person. One of my students is really a trustworthy child and he has been blessing me so much. Having no assistant in the classroom, I can always ask him for help. His little helps and obedience mean so much for me. I am very thankful every time I remember him.
  2. Eat well. Often adults forget to eat well. Whether we eat or not, it can't bring us closer to God. But the Scripture tells us to do everything as for the Lord, including eat. Therefore, we must eat well.
  3. Do your job wholeheartedly. Well, becoming a kindergarten teacher is fun yet so tiring. Sometimes, I feel tired and forget to work wholeheartedly. God uses one of my students to remind me about this. She is very slow in doing her worksheets and eat, but she does everything wholeheartedly. I could not lost my patience every time I see her slowness because she always does everything wholeheartedly.
  4. Be dare to ask and/or speak. One of my students often becomes inattentive to me, but she never afraid to ask and/or speak. As the result, she never has any problem to understand my instruction.
  5. Showing the fruit of repentance. For the first month I have with my students in the classroom, I have been struggling with a student, mostly because of her character. She is quite stubborn. Also, she does not understand English at all. But her parents are very cooperative in educate her at home. She also wants to listen and repent. By the end of this month, I could see that she has been improving a lot in her English skill and attitude. Of course sometimes she shows her stubbornness, but often she becomes nice and even be the first to finish well all the worksheets.
  6. Love to sit near to the teacher. Well, we no longer have a teacher as we graduate and work. As for me, now I am the teacher. But all of us have the same Teacher, Jesus Christ. Do we love to sit near to Him so that we can listen to Him clearly?
  7. Make friends with everyone. We don't always match with everyone but one of my students make friends with everyone. One thing that I feel so impressed about her is her braveness to do it. Her parents told me that she has a trauma of making friends because of bad experiences she had in her previous school. During the first weeks of school, she preferred to play by herself, but now she could play with everyone. She has been trying and now is success!
  8. Honestly tell your feelings. Often when someone asks "How are you?", we answer, "I'm fine". Sometimes it is right, but sometimes not. My students are not like that. When they feel hungry, thirsty, angry, sad, happy, excited, tired, or anything, they tell me honestly.
  9. Always excited to learn. One of the moms told me that her son always wake up easily as soon as he hears her mom calls to go to school. Even he does not want to go home soon. Few days ago, I had to pull him out of the classroom because he wanted to color an umbrella picture instead of going home!
  10. Say sorry to your friend. There are three magic words that I teach to the students. One of them is sorry. Lately, I see my students say sorry without my command.
  11. Lend a hand to your friend. So far, I have not officially teach the students to lend a hand to their friends. Usually I am the one who lends a hand to each one of them. But without my command, my students automatically lend their hands to their friends! What a great character!
Somehow, I feel that becoming a teacher is more blessed than just a student. Thanks God for calling me to be their teacher.


Mega said...

bener, ada seorang pendidik di papua yang pernah aku wawancara buat majalah pearl, dia bilang, sewaktu dia jadi guru dia merasa dia yang malah sekolah lagi, sekolah kesabaran, sekolah sukacita, dll. Dia malah belajar jauh lebih banyak lagi daripada yang diajar.

Tapi Nov, aku juga belajar. gak semua guru lo merasakan yang kamu dan guru di papua tadi, kupikir kalian diajar Tuhan banyak juga karena kalian punya hati yang mau diajar, hehehehe. bangga banget masi ada pendidik seperti kalian. keep writing ya, pelajaran2 yang kamu dapat ^^ I'm so blessed.

Mega said...

Btw Nov, baru ingat nih, ibu guru yang aku bilang mengajar di papua itu ibu Novi juga lo namanya, hehehehe. Kebetulan? I don't think so, hehehehe. Luar biasa kenal 2 ibu Novi yang sama-sama jadi guru dan jadi berkat di tempatnya ngajar *exciting*

Novi Kurniadi said...

Wah, thanks a lot kak Mega :)

Anonymous said...

Wah ini mega rambang ya? kok bisa saling kenal kalian?

Anita Bong said...

Cool! I'm so blessed with this post :D hehehe~

Rasanya kalo liat anak kecil justru kita yang belajar banyak dari mereka daripada mereka belajar dari kita :D

Novi Kurniadi said...

me too! I'm so blessed with these children although they often make me feel like crazy :D

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